Confidence in UK Residential Property Market Climbs to Three Year High

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New research by Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks has shown Simon Morris that confidence in the UK residential property market has climbed to its highest level in three years.

Timing is everything

Simon Morris is a London-based property consultant. In this capacity Simon uses his experience to advise UK property investment funds on how they can maximise profit from their property portfolio.

As such Simon understands that the UK residential property market can prove extremely lucrative for any UK property investment fund. Yet timing is everything; the residential property sector only proves profitable if you capitalise on it at the right time. New data from Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks shows that 2015 may be the right time.

Annual Housebuyers Survey

Recently Property Wire reported that the Banks’ Annual Housebuyers Survey showed that nearly a quarter of people plan to either carry out improvements or extensions on their property in 2015.

The research also found that 14% of people are planning to sell their home and 11% believe they will either pay off their mortgage, make overpayments or re-mortgage in the next 12 months. Property Wire went on to report that these figures depict a consistently improving picture of confidence in the housing sector in the three years since homeowners were first asked about confidence levels.

“Optimism returning to the property market.”

Head of Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks Retail Network, Steve Fletcher, commented on the release of the report and what it means for the UK housing market. Fletcher said:

“We have seen optimism returning to the property market over the last few years and this seems to be growing with more people planning house changes whether it is to move, make home improvements, pay off their mortgage or even help a family member to get onto the property ladder.”

Explore every element of a potential investment

In other words these figures show that confidence levels are going up across every sector of the UK residential property market. This could indicate that now is the time to capitalise on this lucrative sector. Yet as Simon Morris warned when looking ahead to the property market in 2015, investors need to consider every element of a potential investment before they part with capital.

Read more about the investment guides on the About Simon Morris page.

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