East England Property Investment More than Doubles

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New figures have shown Simon Morris a new property hot spot; the East of England, which has seen property investment more than double in one quarter.

The Value of Property Hot Spots

As an independent property consultant, who uses his industry knowledge to show UK property investment funds how they can use their property portfolios to most effectively generate profit, Simon Morris understands the value of property hot spots.

If you find out which area of the country is set to enjoy a booming property market, you can get in on the ground floor, and ride the wave to generate long-term revenue streams. That is why it is so important to note the rise of the East of England as a property hot spot.

Value of Property Transactions More Than Doubles

According to Business Weekly, the new edition of Lambert Smith Hampton’s UK Investment Transactions report provided significant evidence to show how the property market in the East has grown. Specifically, the report noted the value of transactions rose from £212 million in the second quarter of 2014, to £485 million in the third quarter of 2014.

With the value of transactions more than doubling in the space of one quarter, growth in the East of England’s property market was evidenced throughout various asset classes. The most astonishing, was a 695% rise in investment in the East of England’s industrial sector property. Yet the office element of the property sector continued to dominate, making up nearly 50% of total investment activity.

The Wide Appeal of the East of England

LSH’s head of East region, Judith Sargent took the time to comment on these figures, and explain the East of England’s rise as a property hot spot. Sargent said:  “The East region certainly reflects the national trend of an increase in commercial property investment across the regions.

“Whilst Cambridge and Hatfield witnessed the largest deals, significant investment was also seen in Peterborough, Bedford, Watford and across Essex. This demonstrates the wide appeal of and the opportunities available within the East region, particularly for UK investors looking for less expensive options outside of London.”

Capitalise on the Momentum

Sargent’s words underscore what these figures have already told us. The East of England is measuring record property growth, and thus is a rising property hot spot. In Simon Morris’ opinion, UK property investment funds could capitalise on this momentum to generate long-term revenue streams.

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