East Yorkshire Property Market Hits ‘All Time High’

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This week, Simon Morris explores suggestion’s that East Yorkshire’s property market has hit an all-time high, and what it could mean for UK property investment funds.

The Logistics of Region in Property

As an independent property specialist, who uses his industry expertise to advise UK property investment funds on how to maximise profit potential on their property portfolios, Simon Morris understands the logistics of region in property.

Catch the right region at the right time, when its property market is riding high, and it can prove extremely lucrative. That certainly seems to be the case with East Yorkshire’s property market.

Hull to Become 2017 City of Culture

According to the Yorkshire Post, the Hull and Humber region has proved lucrative in recent months, and will continue to do so, as it generates more interest due to the fact that it will spend 2017 as the European City of Culture; a title that boosted Liverpool’s property sector when  it held it.

There are a number of other factors that suggest that Hull and the Humber, and by extension, East Yorkshire, is set to record significant property growth. Siemens, for example, recently made a major investment in the city’s renewable energy industry. This is set to be a major driver of economic growth in the region, which will both create jobs, and drive property values up.

Major Players Have Seen the Value of East Yorkshire Property

Major players have seen the value of East Yorkshire property, and are rushing to take advantage of it. Just look at what AJD Properties are doing in the area right now.

Working on behalf of a private investor, AJD Properties are currently engaged in creating a large multi-million pound private property portfolio, which will be comprised of both residential and commercial properties. The project is set to provide both lucrative investment returns and good quality rental properties for the 2017 City of Culture, which should further assure investors of strong long term revenue streams.

Profit from a Region’s Emerging Property Market

Therefore in Simon Morris’ opinion, East Yorkshire could prove extremely lucrative for UK property investment funds going forward, and this really illustrates the logistics of region in property. If you catch a city or area just before it is due to a receive a major influx of interest – as Hull is, due to being the 2017 City of Culture – you can use that interest to profit from its emerging property market.

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