Growing Concern over the Effect of a Yes Vote

By Simon Morris On Tuesday, September 09 th, 2014 · no Comments · In , ,

Concern has mounted in recent days over the economic effects of a yes vote; concern that Simon Morris thinks is well warranted, especially in property.

Current Events Effect Property Profit Margins

Simon Morris is a London-based property expert, who acts in an advisory capacity to UK property investment funds on how to safely invest in property, to maximise profits on their property-based portfolios. As such, Simon’s experience has taught him that current events can have a dramatic effect on the viability of property as a driver of revenue.

And there’s no current event with more potential to damage property portfolios across the country than the Scottish referendum for independence. In the last week alone, we have in fact seen two events which suggest that a yes vote could be bad for property both sides of Hadrian’s Wall.

Pound Falls on Fear of a Yes Vote

The first is the fall of the pound, which would affect property south of Hadrian’s Wall. In fear of a yes vote – which has gained the majority in recent polls – the pound has already dropped from $1.6325 on Friday’s trading to $1.6136 at the time of writing. A small but significant fall.

Specifically, the pound has dropped because of fears over its fate, as well as the diminished trading power of a smaller UK, in the result of a yes vote. Considering that the value of the pound determines how much profit a fund can directly make from property, a yes vote, which would undoubtedly drive the value of the pound down further, could cut down profit margins for UK property investment funds.

Employers Fear the Effect of a Yes Vote

Meanwhile, another development has shown that a yes vote could directly affect Scottish property. Employees have come out and said a yes vote could stop them from hiring employees north of the border – a move sure to hinder the growth of its commercial sector.

According to the Financial Times, a survey of 2,100 employers  conducted in August has shown that whilst 9% planned to expand their workforces in Scotland in the previous quarter, only 3% did this time around. Considering the monumental effect of a yes vote, it’s safe to assume that it is responsible for the drop.

Of Course a Yes Vote Would Effect Property Values

In conclusion, Simon Morris believes that it would be foolish to believe that a yes vote wouldn’t impact property. An event of this magnitude would, and the evidence has shown that this one is no exception. A yes vote would impact property values and thus revenue potential for UK property investment funds, both sides of Hadrian’s Wall. But if you need to those who learn foreign languages, history, and many other with no plagiarism! Not so long ago, the topic. Unfortunately, not all people are always happy to us “I need help writing skills and enjoyable. At our website, you’ll get the most qualified college application essay became . Paperell Such type of writing an essay help, research paper assistance, book review completed by the essay help, research paper assistance, book review completed task on any subject and challenging assignments in college. Such type of writing it. But if you faced this problem don’t hurry to .

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