London Has One Third of UK Property Value

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A new study has shown that London had over one third of residential property value for the UK for 2014, showing Simon Morris how effective investing in this market can be for UK property investment funds.

Catch the Right Market at the Right Time

Through his role as a property expert with a speciality in commercial and residential, who uses his knowledge to act in an advisory capacity, to show UK property investment funds how to invest in property effectively, Simon Morris has learned how to wisely invest in the residential market.

You have to catch the right market at the right time. Do so, and you’ll have all the start you need to generate significantly wide profit margins. That is why it is so important that a new study has shown the intrinsic value of the London property market.

London Residential measures 35% of UK Property Value

According to FTSEGlobalMarkets, a new study by Stirling Ackroyd, a London estate agents, has shown that as far as the residential market goes, London measured 35% (£1.5 trillion) of the country’s property wealth in 2014. Figures also show that this is set to grow to 40% (£2.1 trillion) by 2017.

Compare this with the rest of England, and you how monumental it is. As of 2014, the rest of England’s residential market was worth £2.24 trillion. We really see the growth rate when we contrast this with 1987, when residential property in London in total was worth just £273 billion; 27% of England’s residential property values.

From a City in Decline to the Heart of Global Industry

Managing director of Stirling Ackroyd, Andrew Bridges commented on the study, saying “London is a growing asset for the UK, in a multitude of ways. From a city in decline with a falling population just thirty years ago, our capital has rebuilt its place at the heart of the financial, cultural and technological worlds.”

Bridges went on to note that “we expect a growing wave of new homes in the capital in coming years and under the right conditions, development could help to ease supply. This progress will add hugely to London’s value and in turn its dominance in the British property market.”

Invest in London Carefully

In Simon Morris’ opinion, this study is fascinating, because it shows how the London residential market has really turned itself around to become a dominant player. As it continues to do so, this data shows why if you invest in London wisely, it could be hugely profitable for a UK property investment fund.

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