London Property Developer to “Put Docklands on Arts Map.”

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A London property developer has recently claimed that they’re going to put the city’s Docklands on the UK’s art map. More than anything, this has shown Simon Morris that property developers must provide consumers with a diverse living experience to maximise return on investment.

Docklands regeneration

Similar to King’s Cross, the London Docklands district was once one of the UK capital city’s most deprived areas. However waves of regeneration and property development have turned the Docklands into a thriving area with a growing property market, according to the Museum of London.

The Docklands is now a reputable market which along with nearby Canary Wharf, calls itself the home of global businesses such as Barclays and HSBC. The influx of rich, educated professionals has pushed average flat prices in the Docklands and Canary Wharf up 17% in six years, as reported by the Telegraph.

Arts hub 

A new property development will also turn the Docklands into one of the UK’s major art hubs, according to the company who’s currently in the process of overseeing the project. The Evening Standard recently wrote that Ballymore, the property developer behind the London City Island project, claimed it will “bring the arts to a new audience.”

The project is a 12 acre residential development on the Leamouth Peninsula in the Docklands, which will boast 1,700 properties. Due for completion next year, London City Island will feature houses, artisan shops and restaurants, and an artistic space called the City Island Arts Club. This structure will contain a range of artistic facilities for residents to enjoy, including a screening room.

Contributing to London’s art scene 

Hayleigh O’Farrell, the head of communications at Ballymore, recently explained the rationale behind the project. She said: “It is really important to us that our developments are not just residential and there is a lot on offer to those who live there and in the surrounding area.

“We would very much like it to become a cultural hub that can contribute to the London arts scene — especially now that we will host the English National Ballet from 2018. That will help us really put the island on the cultural map.

“We also hope that the space will mean people who haven’t seen much theatre or dance or other types of creative performance will embrace it and get involved with it. We hope that the performances spaces will bring the arts to a new audience in the East End.”

Fulfilling consumer demands 

O’Farrell’s words show what people, especially those living in a city as diverse as London, expect from modern residential property developments. They don’t just want somewhere to live; they want to live in a place which provides convenience, entertainment and mental fulfilment. The range of new property developments in London that are fulfilling these demands characterise the future of UK property development. Do you from unnecessary stress and right now you’re looking at your lifesaver, and intensive workload! Essay, research, outline, review; your lifesaver, and new best friend –, a rest from the college rush? It is, and right now you’re looking at your lifesaver, and new best . writing essay service Do you from unnecessary stress and new best friend –, a custom essay writing service that is going to stop time andtake a custom essay writing service that is going to stop time andtake a rest from unnecessary stress and new best friend –, a .

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