Manchester Retail Named UK’s Top Commercial Property Market

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New research has named Manchester retail the UK’s top commercial property market, which Simon Morris believes highlights the profitability of the North.

Simon Morris, UK Property Investment Specialist

As a London-based property specialist, Simon Morris uses his expertise to advise UK property investment funds on how best to maximise returns on their property investment portfolios.

Simon’s experience has taught him that in order to do so, you need to keep track of market trends. Only through keeping tabs on the up-and-coming markets, can you capitalise on their potential to generate enough revenue to ensure high, sustained returns for your property investments.

The Three Best Markets for UK Commercial Property

That is why this week, Simon Morris had to take note of new research that named Manchester retail, the UK’s top commercial property market. The research which came courtesy of DTZ, sought to identify the nation’s top three markets right now for prime commercial property investment.

The results of this study are somewhat illuminating. According to Retail Times Manchester retail came first, with property under-priced by 13.6%. Essentially, this means that property is cheaper, and guaranteed to provide more value for money, in Manchester retail, than in any other market in the UK.

The North vs. The South

Manchester retail was followed by Leeds industrial, which was under-priced by 11.8% and Leeds retail, which measured an under-price rate of 11.1%. Meanwhile, London retail was the most over-priced market at 15.7%. This was followed by Cardiff retail at 7.9% and London Heathrow Industrial at 2.8%.

This highlights not just the growth of Manchester; one of the largest commercial centres in the UK, but the burgeoning growth of the North in light of the economic recovery. The South meanwhile, has been shown to be a saturated market; with commercial properties over-valued throughout many of the commercial centres of Southern England.

Simon Morris Thinks It May be Time to Move North

So what does this mean for UK property investment funds? Simon Morris suggests that this could mean it’s time to move north. Yes, as a global financial centre, London is a lucrative market. However, it also holds an extremely high risk factor due to the general overpricing of its property. Markets such as Manchester in the North, meanwhile, hold a lower risk factor and are more likely to generate stable returns for your property investment fund.

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