Protect Your Property Investment against Acts of God

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The development of best-practice standards against flooding proves in Simon Morris’ opinion that you can protect your property portfolio against acts of god.

Simon Morris, the Independent Property Specialist

As a London-based, independent property specialist, Simon Morris acts in an advisory capacity to some of the UK’s leading property investment funds, ensuring that they are able to reap the highest returns possible on their property investment portfolios.

Simon recognises that property comes with elements of risk. Risks such as flooding can be hard to protect against, for example, because they can be hard to anticipate. However, as this discovery can attest to, it’s entirely possible to protect your property investment portfolio against acts of god.

A Standard of Practises to Protect Against the Risk of Flooding

Business Reporter featured an article this week on plans by Baca architects, to provide the property industry with a standard of best practises, which will protect homes and businesses against the risk of flooding.

Going into more details about the best practises, Robert Barker, director at Baca Architects explained that there will be three categories of best-practise standard – Bronze, Silver, and Gold (the most expensive to implement).

What Do You Get With Gold and Silver?

Barker went on to explain that: “In gold standard protection, what you are looking to do is to prevent the water from coming in as much as possible. If the water level gets too high you let the water come in, but in a controlled fashion.”

He further explained that:“What we are doing is designing drainage systems to take the water away, so you can clean it up and get back to business quickly. In a silver system, it will take a bit longer, and you will not be looking at as many resistance measures in a bronze system – which is perhaps more important for warehouse storage. It takes a bit longer for the buildings to dry up, but the capital costs are lower.”

Simon Morris Advises You Protect Your Property Portfolio against Acts of God

The article goes into far greater depth concerning the flood prevention techniques being developed by Baca that could protect property from the financial damage that this particular act of god can inflict, proving that in the modern age, it is possible to protect against such risks.

Simon advises that not only is it possible to protect against these risks, due to emerging technology and the development of standards of best practise – but that if you want to truly profit from your property investment portfolio, you need to do so.

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