Regional commercial property in demand on back of big deals

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Simon Morris is a London-based property expert with a speciality in commercial property. In this blogpost he looks outside of the capital city and into the regions where property stock on offer isn’t set at such a high premium.

Bradford might not be seen to be a commercial property hotspot, but recent news about Bradford’s ‘retail renaissance’ continues with a prominent retail building in the city centre selling for £3.5 million after very competitive bidding.

Westfield redevelopment

Bradford City Centre is undergoing significant change that should make it attractive to shoppers and those interested in commercial property investment. The £275 million redevelopment of the Central site which is bounded by Broadway, Charles Street, Hall Ings and Forster Square is set to change the face of the city.

The UK retail market is continuing to strengthen in the regions and those willing to look outside of London can find good value in stock investments. I’ve blogged before about the Tour De France effect on the Yorkshire region and Bradford looks set to benefit too.

Lack of stock

The demand in London for commercial property is at a height. This is spilling over into the regions as discerning investors turn to areas like Bradford who are seeing a rising demand and a greater willingness of investors to push up the risk curve and invest in locations outside the South East.

Yields in the regions have room for growth and commentators are increasingly noting that foreign and institution investors are now looking for value outside of the capital.

Looking outside of the capital

I blogged recently about the growing confidence in the commercial property market in Birmingham, another city in outside of London which is experiencing positive growth. This is a story that’s spreading across much of the UK.

It’s always vital to take advice from an independent specialist before making any investment, it’s also vital to measure your exposure to risk. All discerning investors advise that you do plenty of research before making a decision. If you’re interested in property as an investment you can download the Simon Morris ‘Guide to Property Investment Options’.

About Simon Morris

Simon Morris is a London-based property expert with a speciality in commercial property. He acts as an advisor to UK property investment funds on how they can maximise revenue potential on their property portfolios to guarantee long-term profit.

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