Rent Rises to Outpace House Growth in London in 2015

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New data suggesting that rent rises are set to outpace house price growth in London in 2015 has prompted Simon Morris to ask this week; what does this mean for UK property investment funds?

The Value of Rental Rates

Simon Morris is a London-based independent property expert, who acts as an advisor to UK property investment funds. As such, Simon understands the value of rental rates.

Funds depend on rental rates to generate a long-term revenue stream. Therefore, the news that rental rate rises are set to outpace house growth in London in 2015 could prove positive for UK property investment funds.

Rent to Rise 10% in Prime London in 2015

According to Property Wire, London estate agents Marsh and Parsons has released data which suggests that property prices in Prime London are set to grow by 3%-5% in 2015.

Yet the same data suggests that over the next year, strong tenant demand will see an increase in rental rates in prime London property of 10%. The estate agent pointed out that uncertainty over the May 2015 general election is likely to push up lettings in the corporate sector, yet property price growth in the Capital will measure a slower rate of growth throughout 2015.

Rental Market Sees Lion’s Share of the Action in 2015

Marsh and Parsons chief executive Peter Rollings went on to suggest: “The rental market will be where much of the action takes place in 2015. Those relocating to the capital for work are now biding their time before purchasing their own portion of London property, until question marks surrounding additional property taxes are erased.”

Rollings continued: “This will push demand in the corporate lettings sector even further, and the biggest rental increases are predicted to be among one or two bedroom flats. Supply of rental properties looks set to be sustained, but any regulatory changes to tenancy fees under a new government could inflate rents artificially.”

Invest Carefully in London’s Property Market

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