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As the Simon Morris blog is dedicated providing information, analysis and debate on key areas of the business and finance industries, I sometimes get quoted in the press, usually I’ll be discussing my chosen area of expertise – commercial property investment.

In this blogpost I’m going to round up my most recent press coverage into one place, so you can see where I’ve been quoted and where the news media has taken an interest in what I have to say.

Simon Morris on Reuters UK

In April this year the buzz around property based investments funds was really building. On the back of this, news service Reuters featured me talking about property being the essential investment for 2014.

I offered various hints and tips for those looking at property investment, these included;

1. Retail and Office based properties show attractive rates of return, just ensure that the location is right.

2. Location – UK-wise London and Manchester are hot spots for all the right reasons. Some areas have reported property prices rise by as much as 18% recently.

3. Lower risk – high yield safety is possible with funds that offer your initial investment is safe and fixed return deals are possible.

Simon Morris on Market Watch

In July, the leading financial website Market Watch picked up on my quotes concerning discerning investors switching to property-based financial products. This coincided with the release of my guide to property investment options.

The guide has been a real success with many people reading it and taking some of my hints and tips on-board. The guide includes the basics of how funds and bonds work, along with practical advice and questions to ask before you part with any capital. It advises;

  • You should chose a product that is regulated and authorised by the FCA.
  • That you ask questions about the management of the fund.
  • To look for products that guarantee the initial capital is safe-guarded.
  • Only take financial advice from authorised financial advisers.


Simon Morris on Yahoo Finance


The Simon Morris guide to property investment options also featured on Yahoo Finance. Yahoo then directed people to the Simon Morris Business and Investment Site which was useful for readers looking for more information.


My experience as a London based property fund advisor means that I advise fund managers and high net worth individuals to ensure their portfolio consistently provides healthy returns. When I make the news sites next I’ll inform regular readers again, with another news round-up.

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