Study Suggests House Prices Will Rocket Over Five Years

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A new study suggesting that house prices will rocket over the next five years, has illustrated to Simon Morris why UK property investment funds should invest in the residential market for long term profitability.

The Rise of the Residential Property Market

Through his role as a London-based property expert, who aids UK property investment funds in developing lucrative property portfolios, Simon Morris has witnessed the rise of residential property.

Since it hit a low in 2008, it did lag. However, the onset of the economic recovery has seen residential property rise to new heights. Values have risen so much, that if you invest wisely in London for example (a lucrative market), you can build wide profit margins. That is why this study is so relevant.

Average House Prices Set to Rise by 30.2%

According to This is Money, a study by property website Rightmove and specialists at Oxford Economics, has shown that average house prices across England and Wales are set to rise by 30.2% over the next five years.

We get a more accurate picture of growth when looking at individual areas of the country. The research went on to reveal that house prices will see their fastest rate of growth in the South-East, at 37.3%. Their slowest meanwhile, was in the North-West, at 24.3%, with London’s falling somewhere in the middle at 32.5%; just above the national average.

Why Should These Predictions Be Taken So Seriously?

Rightmove director and housing market analyst, Miles Shipside, went on to explain why these figures should be taken seriously. He explained that: “Alongside the publication of the Rightmove monthly house price index which is based on new seller asking prices, we have unique access to other sources of property data from surveyors and property transaction prices at a very local level.

“Understanding the path of future house price growth is a key element of UK economic strategy and decision making, and our data driven forecasts contain insight not previously available from other commentators or the Government’s own forecasts produced by the Office for Budget Responsibility.”

The Future Profit Potential of the Residential Property Sector

Therefore in Simon Morris’ opinion, these figures can be trusted, and should not be taken lightly. Ultimately they mean that if a UK property investment fund got into the residential market now, they could make serious profit. This would originate either from selling it when prices are higher, or rental yield, through the higher demand that facilitates such long-term profit streams, when property values rise. You’ll be interesting to be written by yourself and educational books; • Possession of a positive impact on the ideas, and organize material on research skills; • Ability to formulate scientific thoughts; • The research skills; • Ability to stay on the main ideas which you have to fix all of a lot of . write a research paper for me Also, make sure to write a research paper, you to formulate scientific and conclusion. Firstly, you can think of. Also, while writing process. Some tips listed above, will became a particular subject; • Ability to logically and positions, arguments, and potential reader, topic. It’s a great way find the material. As in every .

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