Tour de France boosts property market

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Simon Morris is always watching for UK property news in his capacity as a London-based independent property specialist who acts as an advisor to UK property investment funds. In this blogpost Simon looks at the feel good factor in the economy and the exposure the Tour de France has given UK property.

Just recently the BBC’s Robert Peston officially announced the end of the recession. Even in his article Peston admits it probably happened a while ago, the feel good factor in the commercial property market continues unabated and even the Tour de France has boosted investment interest in property according to one newspaper.

Property gets on its bike

Investors are increasingly looking out of London and into the UK regional property market according to many within the industry. After tough times recently, the game has seemingly changed in the regions with international investors now looking into the market with increasing interest.

Yorkshire and the North generally have had a massive boost from exposure given by the Tour de France. Investors who usually look into the market in the South where suddenly presented with glorious views of a prosperous North.

Investment expected

All types of property fund with investments in Northern England are expected to receive a boost. Overseas investors typically look for properties across the industrial, office, healthcare and retail. The Tour de France is viewed in countries all across the world, but investor are expected to come from lands as far as North America Malaysia, Singapore and China.

Yorkshire seems to be the focus of most of the interest from investors however, many funds have already invested in the region and the interest may be over exaggerated slightly. It’s still good to see the focus shift even temporarily from the market in the South of England.

Learning about the property market

There’s so much interest in the property market and property investment funds and bonds at the moment that I’ve launched the Simon Morris Property Investment Guide. It’s a free guide that you can read online or download. I hope this helps some of the regular readers of the Simon Morris blog to get their head around the different types of investment.

It’s always vital to take advice from an independent specialist before making any investment, it’s also vital to measure your exposure to risk. If you want to learn more about investing in property read the guide and then, like all discerning investors, make sure you do plenty of research before making a decision.

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