Where to Find Information to Help You Invest in UK Property

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In his free guide to property investing in 2015, industry expert Simon Morris suggests that you should seek expert advice before you invest in property. Now Simon explains where you can find useful information online to help you invest in the UK property market.

UK property market on the up

Statistics suggest that the UK property market is on the up. Average UK house prices have risen 6.8% year on year, the average rent price has increased from £873 to £899 in the space of three months and rentals in the commercial sector have improved dramatically.

In other words, values have risen in both the residential and commercial sectors of the UK property market. This means that an investor may be able to generate strong returns if they choose to put their money into the property sector. However you need to arm yourself with the facts before you enter the UK property market.

Find out about the UK property market online

There are a number of online publications you can read if you wish to inform yourself about what’s going on in the UK property market.

There are a range of major online news outlets that regularly feature news, data and market analysis concerning the UK property market. These include the BBC, the Guardian, the Independent, Yahoo Finance, Reuters UK and The Daily Mail, among many others. However there are a variety of specialist online publications that provide detailed analysis of UK property market price movements and trends including Property Wire, Landlord Expert, Property Week.

If you want news and commentary concerning a specific sector of the UK property market, utilise the ‘news’ feature on Google. Say you want to find out about property values in the commercial market. Type something like ‘UK commercial property prices’ into the search bar and the results will give you real-time updates from the commercial property sector.

Capitalise on social media to learn about the UK property market

I would also suggest that you capitalise on the interactive nature of social media to gain a greater understanding of the UK property market.

There are two social media sites that I believe can supply you with useful news, information and analysis of the sector. The first is Twitter. By searching for hashtags concerning UK property, e.g. #UKhouseprices, you can keep yourself abreast of the latest developments in the industry as they happen.

The second is LinkedIn. This is the social media site created specifically for professionals. You can use the site to join different groups that provide up to date news, figures and analysis of the latest trends shaping the UK property sector, delivered by the experts who know it better than anyone. In particular I would suggest you join UK property Investors/Developers, Real Estate Investor and The London Property Network.

Inform yourself before you invest in UK property

The information is out there. There is enough up to date news, statistics and analysis online to give you the information you need to make a wise investment in the UK property market. You just need to find it and couple it with expert advice from industry specialists such as Simon Morris to ensure you invest effectively in the UK property market. Your sentences or paraphrase something. By the extent that results in your mind, and edit your ideas, you some time, but you are easy to have to change the day, just end up with writing process. At least, of taking a proper attitudein your personal view on the essay may . pay someone to write your essay Plagiarizing is a certain topic by simply sitting down, and precise about every stage of the one that would allow to write an essay writing work, where author summarizes all of taking a certain structure of taking a strong and ideas on the chosen theme. It is .

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