Why Invest in UK Property Now?

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This week, property expert Simon Morris explains why now is the time to invest in UK property, if you want to build a portfolio with lucrative assets.

Timing is Crucial for Property Investment

An independent, London-based property specialist, Simon Morris acts in an advisory capacity to UK property investment firms, ensuring that they are able to maximise revenue potential for their property investment portfolios.

A crucial element to doing so is timing. In order to profit from the UK property market, you must catch it when it is both lucrative and in ascendance, to guarantee long-term revenue streams. The current market, which has benefitted from the UK’s economic recovery, is prime territory for the smart investor.

The Five Indicators Illustrate Why You Should Get into UK Property

Simon Morris has noticed five key indicators that illustrate why now is the time to get into UK property. These include…

1)      UK Commercial Property is Riding High: As I’ve illustrated many times here on the Simon Morris blog, UK commercial property values are rising all the time at the moment. Returns for the first half of this year equalled those seen in 2010, and keep going up, showing this market still has room to grow and prove even more profitable going forward.


2)      Rental Yield is Robust and Rising: Property in general is in prime position to generate stable long term revenue, because rental yield in the current market is robust and rising. Recent figures have suggested that as of May, average renting costs for UK property hit £1,006 per month, and demand shows no sign of slowing down, ensuring rental yield is set to hit the stratosphere.


3)      Overseas Buyers Are Flocking to The UK: With international markets experiencing the same recovery the UK’s has, overseas investment has hit the UK property sector in waves recently. With investors from booming markets such as China and the US investing highly in lucrative London property, this has helped fuel demand, pushing prices up, and ensuring that UK property funds can continue to reap high returns from UK property.


4)      The Rise of Alternative Property: Whilst traditional commercial property is performing well, alternative sectors are rising too. Care homes, for example, are proving extremely lucrative right now, and with an ageing UK population, care homes are only set to become more lucrative as the decade winds to a close.


5)      Clear Property Ownership Laws: One of the biggest barriers to effective property investment can be the legalities involved, yet this has never been a problem for property investment in the UK. The UK has clear, established, transparent property ownership laws, which help to negate this uncertainty, working in tandem with the aforementioned favourable conditions of the UK property market, to continue to ensure that you can be confident your property investment will prove lucrative in the long term.


Property is Likely to Prove More Lucrative in the Months and Years to Come

Simon Morris has watched, as the UK property market has bounced back from the recession and has risen to new heights. Furthermore, Simon’s experience has shown him that the current trends typifying the robust UK property market are likely to continue, meaning that property is highly likely to prove even more lucrative for the smart investor in the months and years to come.

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