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Property Investment Guide

Simon Morris is an independent property consultant with over 15 years’ experience in property investment. Simon works with a number of funds and high net worth individuals, advising on property purchases, to ensure investments made into property, are measured in terms of risk, and bring solid return on the initial investment.

Simon has launched ‘A Guide to Property Investment Options’ which you can download in PDF form below. The guide is designed to help individual investors ask the right questions about property portfolios.

The Guide to Property Investment Options looks at;

  • Property Investment bonds
  • Property Investment funds
  • Types of property fund
  • Future trend predictions
  • Other property related investment options
  • What commentators are saying
  • Regulation of funds
  • Things to consider

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Before making any investments you should take advice from an authorised person if you not qualified to make investment decisions.

You should ensure all investment products are regulated and authorised by the FCA. It’s always wise to look for fund products that have some form of liquidity protection and capital guarantee.

This guide in no way provides any sort of direct or indirect financial advice, you should always seek advice on any sort of investment decision from an authorised independent professional.

For more information on Simon Morris please visit the About section.

Download the PDF Guide below:

pdficon_largeA Guide to Property Investment Options